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Metal Screens

Screens can take the form of room dividers, be a glass screen that facilitates a doorway, a larger glazed unit or multiple glazing side lights that form a screen. Screens are being used more and more by designers and architects in creating internal partitions that allow light to flow from room to room and similarly external screens widen the aperture to the outside world. Architectural Bronze Casements offer bespoke designs for both internal and external purposes.

Bronze Screens - Key Features

Striking Appearance

The richness of the bronze provides a strong aesthetic. Our screens can be designed for both traditional and contemporary buildings.

Decorative Bronze Beading

Glazing is secured in place with a decorative bronze beading.

Shaped Screens

Using our Advanced and Heritage Systems, can be bent to form curves. Bespoke shaped screens add character to a property.

Double Glazed

All our screens are designed for double-glazing assisting in efficiency and strength.

Traditional Glaze Bar

Architectural Bronze Casements believe in maintaining traditional methods of manufacture and our bronze screens can have individually glazed units in the bronze framework with the use of traditional glaze bars.

Thermally Broken Screens

Multiple glazing side and fan lights can be made using our Thermabronze™ System which offers greater thermal efficiency.

Fine Sightlines

Slender frames provide a smaller break between the building material and the glazing. The fine sightlines also allow more light to pass through.

Bespoke Bronze Screens

Our bespoke screens use bronze frames from our Heritage, Advanced or Thermabronze™ window systems.
This choice provides you with the ideal solution for your project and one that will harmonise with your architectural requirements.

Modern internal metal screen
Contemporary external screen with metal door
Bronze Internal Screen in a kitchen

Bronze metal screens often incorporate an integrated door and we also offer various door systems for this purpose.
For your individual project we recommend you contact us so we can provide a tailor made design that will meet your needs.

Tones & Profiles

Standard Bronze Tone

Mid Bronze

Dark Bronze Tone

Dark Bronze

We offer two finishes for our Bronze – Mid Bronze and Dark Bronze. This choice helps to achieve the best look for your project and complements other materials that the bronze windows will be housed in.

Bronze window beading comparison

Some systems offer a choice of traditional or contemporary shaped bead which allows more compatibility to your architectural needs.
See the technical pages for more details.

Bronze Screen Systems

Bronze screens are made using a combination of our windows and door systems – for technical details select from the systems below. Alternatively, please contact us for advice and solutions for your individual project.


Double glazed windows with decorative beading


Single/Double glazed windows with silicone pointing


Double glazed thermally broken windows

Standard Bronze
Door System

Sits within a heavy bronze frame

Bronze Double Clad
Door System

Bronze doors within a timber frame

Bronze Slimline
Door System

Traditional Slim sight lined profile

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