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History of Using Bronze

Bronze has been known to man since the beginning of the Bronze Age over 5,000 years ago. The Romans were the first to use bronze in cladding of doors and it took until the Middle Ages for bronze to be more widely used for architectural purposes. There are doors dating back to the 15th century which demonstrates the durability of this material although the majority of buildings that feature architectural bronze windows and doors and other decorative features date from the 18th and 19th century.

Over the centuries, bronze has become a prized metal, generally used on relatively small items of high value. Medals, sculptures and works of art are indicators as to the true worth of this material.

The aesthetic qualities of bronze when considered with the sustainable and enduring properties of the material are a combination that will prove to be a long term investment to your home or project.

Architectural Bronze

The bronze casement windows and Architectural Bronze Casements as a company, had a very interesting beginning. Following futile searches for a quality slim profile metal window that could be incorporated into a specifically designed glass house to stand in the grounds of an 17th Century manor house, a solution presented itself following a trip to a castle that had bronze casement windows which had been in situ for centuries and were ageing beautifully. With our strong engineering background and experience in the design of extrusions, the decision was made to design our own bronze casement window.

The term Architectural Bronze describes a metal alloy of copper, zinc and various other metals that contribute various qualities to the mix. The high proportion of the copper constituent imparts corrosion resistance and durability and the addition of manganese contributes tensile strength. Architectural Bronze therefore combines stability, strength and longevity with an aesthetic appeal which improves with time giving a feeling of luxury and prestige both inside and out to metal windows on any building.

It was this slim design of our metal windows that quickly established a market position with a beautiful product that could be incorporated into ancient buildings and new builds. Early projects include windows for a Landmark Trust Property, Freston Tower - an interesting building undergoing extensive, sympathetic renovation. Our bronze windows were chosen, not only because of the quality of the metal window construction, but also for the durability and longevity which would ensure the materials used in the building would perform as required.

Architectural Bronze Casement's portfolio now includes a range of bronze window and door systems, bronze screens and bronze secondary glazing. All of which are designed to be used in new and existing properties. We have had the pleasure and privilege over the years to work on many interesting and beautiful buildings both in the UK and abroad.

Natural Patina

Our windows and doors are manufactured from a high tensile Manganese Brass Alloy termed Architectural Bronze, which is an extremely attractive and durable material recognised for its pleasing colour and suitability for use in buildings. Bronze is made from natural materials which patinate and darken over time, giving each window individual character. This is a natural process that occurs due to atmospheric conditions and the tone that develops will vary depending on the amount of use and the location of the material.

All of our bronze products goes through a process to give an aged finish and a protective wax is then hand applied to deter changes to this original patina.

Bronze finishes

Standard Bronze Tone

Mid Bronze

Dark Bronze Tone

Dark Bronze

We offer two finishes for our Bronze – Mid Bronze and Dark Bronze. This choice helps to achieve the best look for your project and complements other materials that the bronze windows will be housed in.

General Maintenance

We recommend periodic maintenance in the form of washing and rewaxing to preserve the tone of the original finish. All projects are provided with their own Operation and Maintenance Pack to enable an understanding of the maintenance of our products.

Architectural Bronze Care & Maintenance
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