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Luxury Wine Cellars
by Architectural Bronze

Explore our beautiful bespoke wine cellars created from real bronze

Posted: 15th February 2024

Architectural Bronze is a manganese bronze, known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and distinctive rich patina. When used in the construction of wine cellars, it adds a touch of extravagance and elegance to the space.

Bronze used as a stunning room divider

Why choose bronze for a wine cellar?

The most popular reason for specifying bronze for a wine cellar is the aesthetic appeal, the metal develops a rich, warm patina over time, which can enhance the overall appearance of a structure. The patina also acts as a protective layer, preventing further corrosion and enhancing the material's durability.

The bespoke nature of our manufacturing process allows for a wine cellar to be designed to client specific shapes and sizes which may not be possible for an off the shelf solution.

Examples of our bespoke wine cellars

Below is a selection of varied projects carried out for our clients which show wine cellars in different applications.

Large wine cellar - this temperature controlled wine cellar was created for the basement of a large new build project.

Luxury wine cellar
Inside a bronze wine cellar
Internal doors leading into the kitchen
Entrance to a wine cellar bar

Walk in wine cellar/bar: As part of a home renovation by Design Emporium, this walk in wine cellar features a small bar for enjoying a glass from the collection.

A tall wine cellar - this private residence included a taller than average wine cellar that allowed for temperature controlling units to be fitted above the wine collection.

Luxury wine cellar
Inside a bronze wine cellar

Under The Stairs Wine Cellar This wine cellar was created using our Double Clad door system and provided a clever use of space to store our clients wine collection.

Wine cellar under the stairs

In summary, luxury wine cellars made from bronze offer a hand crafted product with flexible design choices created from a high quality material, making them a statement piece for wine enthusiasts. To learn more about the other applications of our bronze products see our other articles below.


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