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The Music Room




Windows, doors and screens


Yiangou Architects


This beautiful, modern architect led structure was designed solely for the enjoyment of music. Built in the grounds of a Grade II Georgian mansion, it is accessed via a raised and enclosed bridge between the two buildings.

The fully glazed doors, faceted bay windows and double height wall of glass diffuse light beautifully into a music room designed to entertain all the senses.

Three high and deep embrasures on the south west of the building are the perfect setting for bays which allow as much illumination as possible, whilst affording more space on the ground level for the flow of furniture. To the south and south east respectively, the ground to ceiling box window and four double door sets afford stunning views of the lawns and allow light to flood into the space, creating a calm, bright and airy atmosphere.

The use of glazing bars create a unified scheme and are a perfect complement to the modern design. Small details such as narrow panels in the lower third of the doors to continue the line of the stone sill decoration reflect the conscientiousness of the architects’s concept, and add an element of interest to an otherwise sleek and stripped back design.

Photographs courtesy of Yiangou Architects.


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