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Inward Opening Windows

Updated: 1st June 2023

Inward opening bathroom window

Ever had the problem of how to clean and maintain those hard to reach windows? We’ve had clients who’ve come to us with this conundrum. For example in Town Houses, dormer windows and over the gable end of a building.

We turned our attention to the traditional European designs where external and internal shutters have meant they typically have inward opening windows.

This was the source of inspiration to us for our inward opening system when looking to provide a solution for our clients’ requirements to facilitate ease of cleaning and maintenance.

We’ve received positive feedback from many clients who see the benefits of internally opening casement windows and so have used them not only in those challenging areas, but in all locations for their pleasing aesthetic qualities as well as the practical benefits.

Inward opening tower
Inward opening double windows
Inward opening inside tower

Our clients appreciate the design which also allows the beauty of the bronze beading and decorative hinges to be viewed from the inside

This beautiful bronze window comes with a choice of decorative back plates and handles to suit personal tastes.

This bronze system can house a variety of double glazed units and triple glazing has been successfully used in interesting ways to encapsulate stained glass units and so provide a way to present a traditional glass unit into a modern efficient unit.

Inward opening secondary glazing

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