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10 Inspiring Examples of Crittall Style Doors in Real Bronze

How this timeless style can be created in our luxurious metal

Updated: 14th February 2024

Home extension with crittall style doors

The iconic Crittall style has left an indelible mark on the world of architecture and design. Named after the British company that pioneered the use of steel in windows and doors, Crittall style is characterised by its distinctive grid patterns, sleek lines, and an emphasis on industrial aesthetics. Crittall style windows and doors have become synonymous with a timeless elegance and have been widely used in various architectural styles, ranging from Art Deco to contemporary designs.

Close up of bronze doors with crittall style

Crittall and many other companies produce their products in extruded steel, and the use of aluminium in window and door production is widely recognised. Over 25 years ago, Architectural Bronze took the concept one step further, embracing the opportunity to produce a slim metal system in architectural bronze - a luxury metal revered for its enduring qualities and rich lustre. Testimony to the wealth of bronze coins and statues still in existence, bronze windows and doors will add a refinement and touch of elegance and sophistication to any project, be they period or contemporary properties.

Bronze used as a stunning room divider

1. Crittall Style Room Dividers

Glazed screens or glass walls as they are also known, are a great way to create separation to internal spaces. They allow natural light to flow freely throughout the space creating a bright and open environment, and enhancing the overall mood, productivity, and well-being of occupants.

Glass walls maintain a visual connection between different areas of a building or room. This can foster a sense of openness and transparency, allowing people to feel more connected and engaged with their surroundings.

2. Doors on a Luxury Poolhouse

The grand proportions of this elegant barn have been given a 21st century makeover. Converted to a luxury poolhouse, the openings are transformed with the addition of large bronze screens housing sets of doors that open onto the courtyard area.

Detail has been kept to a minimum which helps create a feeling of openness and connectivity to the outdoors.

Luxury pool house with crittall style doors
Classy Kitchen with bronze doors

3. Arched Doors in a Classy Kitchen

Sets of internal and external doors with arched heads create the wow factor in this stunning new kitchen extension.

The horizontal and vertical lines create a sense of order and rhythm, lending a geometric harmony to the overall design. The slimness of the frames allows for maximum light penetration, ideal for creating bright and airy spaces.

4. Hiding a multitude of sins

While glass walls offer transparency, they can also provide privacy through various techniques. Frosted or textured glass, blinds, curtains, or the addition of decorative films and wallpapers can be used to control the level of privacy required in different areas. This allows for a balance between openness and the need for private spaces.

A bronze screen has been used here to form a division between an ensuite dressing room and bathroom.

Bronze as a privacy screen
Elegant bar with crittall style door

5. Now That is what I call a Bar!

Bronze doors and screens have been used extensively on projects involving alcohol!

From safely guarded vaults housing private wine collections to rooms dedicated to mixing cocktails, sharing fine wines and entertaining friends, bronze will give your project a touch of luxury and elegance that no other product can. Bronze really does have to be seen and touched to appreciate how beautiful it is.

6. Pimp Up Your Apartment

In towns and cities where many houses and flats have limited living space and little access to the outdoors, adding a screen such as with this project can transform both internal and external spaces.

Access to a small outdoor seating area has been created alongside a contemporary light filled space within. Solid panels have been incorporated into the base of the screen and single door.

Light filled apartment with bronze screen
A sustainable replacement

7. Replacement Doors

As part of a major renovation project, dilapidated timber doors have been replaced by a pair of crittall style arched doors and fixed screens either side.

The rich lustre of bronze complements the brick and natural features of the property. They also offer a highly sustainable alternative to timber given that there are many windows and doors still in existence that date back to the 18th and 19th century.

8. Crittall Style Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing provides the ideal solution for projects where it is essential to retain the integrity and provenance of an existing building, yet there is a requirement to improve thermal efficiency.

Here, sleek and slim bronze doors provide a contemporary look to the room whilst offering soundproofing, draught-proofing and additional security to timber french doors in a London apartment.

Crittall style secondary glazing example

9. Doors in California

This stylish and contemporary Californian new build residence features multiple sets of crittall styled doors and screens throughout the building, providing light-filled rooms and seamless views of gardens and pool area.

Our bronze products have been used on many projects across America and around the world, most recently in Australia on a multi-million pound renovation of two university buildings in Sydney.

We have worked on several projects overseas providing solutions for a wide range of buildings both residential and commercial, learn more our Overseas Projects

10. Transformation of a classical Loggia

It is always an interesting combination mixing classical and contemporary style. Here an open loggia on a country estate has been turned into a functional room by the addition of a glazed screen incorporating a set of crittall style double doors.

The screen has been cleverly designed to sit behind the classical stone columns that support the oak beam and roof structure.

Classical loggia example

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